Thursday, May 31, 2012

LG Optimus 3D Max P720 review


It's been almost a year since the release of the origin optimus 3G from LG, and in that time we've been watching 3D technology continue to evolve. Undoubtedly you've seen the changes in your local cinema, and even your living room, if you happen to have a 3DTV. While it still hasn't permeated every aspect of our reality as in Total Recall or the likes, it's at a stage of budding infancy. Since the Optimus 3D, LG have been the only big-name manufacturer to stick to their gun in the 3D smartphone market. There's been nothing official about a potential EVO 3D sequel by HTC and it's a safe bet to say that the cutting-edge of mobile 3D technology can be found in the Optimus 3D Max.
LG Optimus 3D Max official photos
It's hard to look at the 3D Max apart from its 3D viewing and recording capabilities - after all, it has 3D in the title. But beyond that, the phone can present some solid credentials, even by today's standards. There's the dual-core processor, dual-lens 5MP stereoscopic camera, as well as full HD capabilities. It's not as loaded as some of the latest flagships, but it's got enough power to run whatever you throw at it without a hitch.
With the 3D Max, LG has improved on the original we saw last year while choosing to keep most of the internals the same.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Teens and Mobile

The presence of a cell phone (mobile) or mobile phones have changed people's lives. The distance has been accused ringleader of difficulties, no longer blocking power. Most teens today feel themselves highly dependent on mobile phones. According to him, the presence of cell phones helps the ease of life, communication. Purpose of the ease of living that is what forced him to decide to use the phone a few years ago. The reason is able to communicate with ease.
Most of the teens said that the main purpose of using the phone is, "As a communication tool and as a connector for a relationship, as entertainment, and did not rule as an additional tool to help in the smooth running business."

Can not be denied again, for those who live in urban areas, in the modern world that demands everything is a quick and easy, have a cell phone like a necessity. This gap would be a great opportunity for the company's communications get advantage. They are competing to develop technologies that already exist in order to give birth to new products that will fill the market. Through these innovations, they forced the urban beings increase their daily needs. Technological developments would not have achieved the perfect word in the strict sense. Therefore, no single technology that was developed has reached the final phase. Innovations and subsequent discoveries still follow an existing achievement. The process was continued, following the desires, passions, and human needs.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Nokia 103, The cheapest Nokia cell phone
Nokia could say that currently focusing on its smart phone Windows Phone. But this vendor is apparently still focused on entry-level market, by announcing the existence of their cheapest phone is the Nokia 103.

Nokia 103 is prepared for emerging markets and will be released at a price around 15 Euro. The phone design that is very simple. Nokia 103 equipped with a screen measuring 1.3 inch black and white, the dimensions of 107.2mm x 45.1mm x 15.3mm and weight 77 grams. The battery has 800mAh power that can last up to 27 days with a talk time of up to 11 hours.

Even so, this phone seems to still maintain a solid concept, with anti-scratch cover material and dust. And, as additional facilities be provided on this phone features a flashlight (flashlight) and FM radio (3.5mm port). Nokia 103 will be sold the first time in Nigeria. After that, HP will be sold cheap to other developing countries around the world.

BlackBerry Empathy,Future BlackBerry concepts

BlackBerry designs that we know so far is quite typical. Screen, track pad or trackball navigation features, and the average attendance with a qwerty key pad. However, the concept of this one will probably make you stunned and not previously presumed.

BlackBerry Empathy concept promoted Kiki Tang and Daniel Yoon from ArtCenter College of Design is much different from the concept design of the BlackBerry is currently available.

Empathy comes with a cursory physical BlackBerry phone resembles a crystal and a unique user interface in the form of a ring collect biometric emotional functioning. It works when you connect with your friends via instant messaging (IM) and social networking services like Facebook, Twitter, and the like.

Each contact will have an avatar that each ring encircled the two colors that show emotional data. Of course, the color of the ring is influenced by contact the relevant emotions. For example, the colored ring that is located on the inside of the show's emotional before. While the outer ring indicates a person's emotional progress.

BlackBerry OS 7 is Safest, Compared with IOS 5 and Android 2.3

Reputation RIM offer mobile platform safest on the market is not just a hoax.Because according to a survey recently conducted by Trend Micro, RIM's BlackBerry 7 is still the most secure OS in comparison With IOS 5, Windows Phone 7.5 and Android 2.3. Test on all mobile OS is performed to determine the performance of a number of components such as built-in security, application security, authentication, device wipe, device firewall and virtualization. Of all these tests, BlackBerry OS 7 to collect the highest score (2.89). For comparison, IOS 5 resulted in a score 1.7, Windows Phone 7.5 (1.61) and Android 2.3 (1.37).

The researchers from Trend Micro, Altimeter Group and Bloor Research praise BlackBerry OS 7 to the level of security and management. Despite its many shortcomings, especially in the removable storage, the researchers also gave kudos to Apple-iPhone. While Windows Phone 7.5 well received because of its strength.

Nokia X7-00 Specification

Nokia X7-00 is a music phone based on Symbian ^ 3 will be launched by Nokia. Nokia X7-00 is equipped with 4 stereo speakers, an 8 megapixel fixed focus camera with dual LED flash, and the AMOLED screen with Clear Black technology.

Nokia X7-00 reportedly has a similar specification to the Nokia N8. This Smartphone Symbian ^ 3 is wearing 4-inch touch screen 360 x 640 pixel resolution, 450MBinternal memory, 246MB of RAM.


Samsung B7320 OmniaPRO QWERTY

Qwerty smartphone trend still seems to be the main attraction for the vendor to deliver new products. Call it, Samsung has recently introduced a new series,B7320 OmniaPRO, this phone is another form of Samsung Jack i637.

Having a beautiful and thin candybar design with a 3-megapixel camera, 3G,HSDPA, GPS and Wi-Fi connection. Operating system using Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro, but can be upgraded to Windows Mobile 6.5, when it releases.

Samsung B7320 OmniaPRO is supported by the processor speed 528 MHz CPU and 256 MB RAM. An additional feature is the FM Radio with RDS radio, Bluetooth and USB. Screen size is 2.4 "with QVGA resolution. Unfortunately, here there is no information about when this phone will be